Is candour a high risk strategy in teams?

Woman talking with alphabet letters coming out of her mouth. Communication intelligence concept

Do you ever struggle to know how to balance saying what is on your mind for the good of a relationship or team with holding back for fear of upsetting someone or making a situation worse than it is? Is there such a thing as too much candour?

A recent opportunity to facilitate a vibrant, global team meeting enabled me to see a team grappling with this very issue. They were bold and made the most of an independent facilitator to step into some team effectiveness conversations. A toddler making the effort to stand and to walk will many times fall over before successfully taking their first few steps; similarly in the meeting there were times when their candour didn’t always fire perfectly but even then it sparked conversations that let their team gain new understanding and stronger relationships. For individuals in the team, it wasn’t always easy to flex their candour muscle.


What being roadworthy can teach us about being ‘roleworthy’

Car in field

What a spate of changeable weather we have had lately in the UK, and yet, compared to those countries that regularly have to change tyres to cope with snow and ice, we have it relatively easy.

As I considered what it takes to keep a car roadworthy during all weathers it reminded me of the parallel for us in our careers .. how do we keep ourselves roleworthy to withstand and weather the organisational changes we encounter? (more…)

Need reputational credit? Time to ‘sync’

Savings Growth concept

Do you ever see other people progressing and wonder why you aren’t? Perhaps you hear a lot about certain people’s successes and feel as if, in comparison, you are not being noticed. What’s going on and can you do something about it?

Too often, people expect that just doing a good job is enough. Sometimes it is but more often it takes some pro-active communication and management of expectations. Why might that be?


To stay or not to stay? That is the question.


Ok – so not exactly Shakespeare – but the question that is the title of this blog is one that many of us face at some point in our careers. In the short blog below I share an example of a marketing professional who is asking herself that very question before providing some tips on how to answer it for yourself.

Often, when we don’t feel happy in our current organisation for any reason it may seem easier to leave one company and start afresh somewhere new. Sometimes that is the right solution but sometimes not. How can you determine what is right for you?


Anytime Resolutions


As I reflected on what this, my first blog for Free to Lead, could focus on that could support others in being Free to Lead, I realised that the first year of the Company is drawing to a close. Only 6 weeks to go. While many of my first year goals have been met, finding my voice and sharing it publicly has taken until some 11 months into the year. I could beat myself up about this fact or I could celebrate the fact that I have started because I recognise that goals made at the start of the year can sometimes take time to come to fruition. (more…)