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Leading your life and career – learning from footprints

I’ve recently been fortunate to enjoy a holiday on the coast. As I was walking on the beach at low tide, one day I noticed the variety of footprints (and pawprints) forming patterns and tracing the paths that people had taken earlier that day. I started to consider the word footprint and recognised that reflecting… Read more »

Giving yourself the best chance … achieving your next career step

Have you been in your current role for a few years, grown in role, and feel that you are ready for the next step? Are you wondering why it hasn’t happened yet? How actively are you setting yourself up for future career success? If your answers to the above are ‘Yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘what does… Read more »

Not drowning but waving – how to succeed in your new role

  (Photo Credit: Searsie) Have you ever started a new role full of excitement and then a few weeks in wondered what on earth you had done? Perhaps you feel that way now? The initial enthusiasm after the interview process can sometimes wane as you start to feel out of your depth. It puts me… Read more »

Forget Resolutions – Choose Revolution!

Do you want more of the same in 2017 or is it time to not only figuratively sweep all of those papers off of your desk but perhaps even throw the desk out of the window too? Have I been on the seasonal sherry you might well ask? Well no, actually. It’s more a result… Read more »

Whose list will you be on?

You may have heard the saying that people come into your life for a reason. The general idea is that there are times in our lives where we interact with someone either professionally or personally and that interaction has a profound effect on us – either because it help us in some way or the… Read more »

How your behaviour as a leader trumps company policy

There’s something about being on holiday that gives you a chance to reflect on things with a little more perspective than usual; not sure if it is the relaxation and ability to forget what time it is or the better sleep or perhaps the general positivity that you feel when relaxing in the fresh air…. Read more »

What being roadworthy can teach us about being ‘roleworthy’

What a spate of changeable weather we have had lately in the UK, and yet, compared to those countries that regularly have to change tyres to cope with snow and ice, we have it relatively easy. As I considered what it takes to keep a car roadworthy during all weathers it reminded me of the… Read more »

Need reputational credit? Time to ‘sync’

Do you ever see other people progressing and wonder why you aren’t? Perhaps you hear a lot about certain people’s successes and feel as if, in comparison, you are not being noticed. What’s going on and can you do something about it? Too often, people expect that just doing a good job is enough. Sometimes… Read more »