A poem for year end reflections


It’s Christmas and New Year time, so take some time to think

To look back on the year that’s passed much quicker than a wink

On what you can be proud of, of what went really well

Where you performed right at your best, as far as you can tell

And also think on what you’ve learned, when things just went awry

‘Cause that’s a chance to think again and have another try

It’s not a case of failing but instead a chance for turning

That issue into something good- a Further Attempt In Learning

And at this time it’s good to be so grateful for the fine things

That give you joy in work and life (that’s not just the warmth that what wine brings!)

And as for me at Free to Lead, I think of what I treasure

It’s family, friends and purposeful work and savouring each simple pleasure

So take the time to think ahead of what 2019 might bring

Why not make next year your best year yet …take time to make your heart sing

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