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A poem for year end reflections

  It’s Christmas and New Year time, so take some time to think To look back on the year that’s passed much quicker than a wink On what you can be proud of, of what went really well Where you performed right at your best, as far as you can tell And also think on… Read more »

Forget Resolutions – Choose Revolution!

Do you want more of the same in 2017 or is it time to not only figuratively sweep all of those papers off of your desk but perhaps even throw the desk out of the window too? Have I been on the seasonal sherry you might well ask? Well no, actually. It’s more a result… Read more »

Anytime Resolutions

As I reflected on what this, my first blog for Free to Lead, could focus on that could support others in being Free to Lead, I realised that the first year of the Company is drawing to a close. Only 6 weeks to go. While many of my first year goals have been met, finding… Read more »