Organisation Development

Organisations are complex, connected systems; an ineffective process in one part of an organisation often has knock on effects in another part of the organisation, much like a broken thread in a spider’s web causing the whole web to be weaker.

From awareness to diagnosis

Sometimes a leader recognises that something isn’t right within their business... perhaps processes are not running as smoothly as they might, or employee turnover in part of the organisation is on the increase, or leaders say one thing but do another. What’s their next step once this awareness has come to light?

Our approach:

We recognise that a business is a complex interrelated system and that awareness of an issue in one part of the system may only be a symptom of something needing attention in another part of the system. That’s why we work with you to diagnose the issue more fully, collecting any relevant internal data if required (e.g. using interviews or focus groups) before helping you to analyse the data and move to considering solutions.

We can provide a full process in partnership with you and, if required, coach people within your teams in the process to enable them to be more confident in supporting organisational development needs in the future.

Examples of the types of organisational development work we support include:

  • Finding a blended long term and short term solution to enable leaders from a particular cultural background to be successful globally within the business
  • Enabling a top 50 leadership group to redefine their ways of working together so that the second tier of leaders had greater accountability and were supported from their leadership team
  • Determining the most appropriate tools and processes to put in place to enable an objective in a strategy