Sometimes taking the first few steps in a new direction can be daunting without support from someone who has relevant experience that you can learn from.

When might mentoring help you?

Mentoring and Coaching are often confused. Both support an individual in being more effective or developing skills, mind-set or career. While coaching tends to be about enabling the coaching client to find their solutions through their own thinking and reflection, mentoring also enables the mentoring client to benefit from the experience of the Mentor who can provide their own learning as an example for the client to consider.

Our approach:

We are experienced in mentoring high potential professionals who are on the first rungs of their career. We do this with a coaching bias, helping the mentee to develop their own thinking and only providing experience as a mentor when it makes sense to do so. Building confidence and capability in female leaders has been a particular focus for us.

Typically our mentoring assignments are in support of growth on the job either when starting a new role or for a particular project.

We are also able to support the upskilling of mentors and mentees within your organisation, in relation to the mentoring relationship, helping them to understand their role and tools that may support them in being valuable mentors or model mentees.