Meeting Design & Facilitation

Are you spending more and more of your precious time in meetings? Let us help you ensure they are effective so all you have to worry about is what coffee to have.

Effective meetings to free your time

According to Bain & Company, leaders devote more than two days a week to meetings with 3 or more co-workers and 15% of an organisation’s collective time is spent in meetings. Businesses need to know that their meetings are effective, assuming they are needed in the first place.

Effective meeting design and facilitation can free a leader to fully take part in discussions and decision making, and, through achieving planned outcomes and outputs in a time efficient way also release them from repeated meetings and rework.

Our approach:

We ask you to invest time up front in thinking through what the purpose of the meeting is, what you want to achieve from it, and who needs to be present to ensure you meet your aims. We’ll also ask you, where possible, to enable us to talk to others who have a stake in the meeting.

This approach enables us to design a meeting process to achieve not only your aims but those of your key stakeholders where aligned or to surface and manage conflicting expectations where not aligned.

Prior to the meeting you can be confident that any preparation required from participants will be briefed in good time and a meeting design will be available for review if needed.

During the meeting we can run the meeting process, providing any supporting templates, enabling you to be confident that you can fully participate knowing that time and outcomes are being managed.

When objectives involve a large number of people, a conference where real work can be completed can be an effective way to engage, transform, and fast-track progress. We are experienced in conference design and delivery from concept through to post conference follow up.