Learning Design & Delivery

Understanding the capabilities a business needs to be successful is a critical part of future-proofing an organisation. Every employee has the potential to build capability, grow and flourish over time.

Connecting business needs to employee learning

Even the most forward thinking business needs to review its learning and development offerings as the external environment changes with the arrival of new competitors, changes in the political and social landscape and new generations of employees joining its ranks.

Our approach:

We believe that the best learning design is learner-centric, positioned in a way that meets learner capability needs and designed to engage them in the learning process.

When approached to design learning we begin by ensuring we understand the context for the learning and work with your learners where possible to determine learning needs to ensure effective targeting of design.

We appreciate that often there are constraints in terms of budget or time and will partner with you to create an effective but pragmatic solution.

We recommend piloting the learning program, from pre-engagement to post application in the workplace and can also offer train the trainer options to build internal capability for in person program delivery.

For large scale international programs we can bring our experience of global training deployment to ensure consistent quality.