Executive Coaching

We believe that the best leaders differentiate themselves from others by being true to themselves and by recognising the benefits of continuously investing in their own development in a way that works for them.

Development through coaching

Through our own global leadership experience in the fast paced corporate world of today we recognise the pressures that leaders face and the need for them to consistently deliver results within their workplace. We aim to provide respite from the day to day by creating a confidential and supportive coaching environment where the leader feels freedom to think, develop, and invest in themselves.

Our approach:

Our coaching approach is holistic in that the context for the leader is explored and the coaching focus areas that leaders identify are understood within that context. In this way, we can be sure to support the leader so that their thinking and development progresses in a sustainable way.

We create space for the leader to think for themselves and, through attentive listening and the use of key questions help the leader to increase perspective and make progress against their aims.

Each coaching assignment is as unique as the leader and their context. That being said, we recognise some common needs and as such are experienced in supporting leaders to:

  • Determine an approach to their career path
  • Create the conditions for a successful transition to a new leadership role
  • Overcome limiting assumptions, freeing them up to see new choices
  • Successfully deliver business and personal development objectives
  • Understand and develop their leadership style

Where appropriate, we aim to enable the leader to build their self-sufficiency by the end of the coaching assignment through helping them understand how they can coach themselves in similar, future situations.